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Remote Workforce Analytics       
(7:40  minutes)

Psymetra Labs name their foray into digital workforce analytics as the Employee Confidential project. They present the conceptual digital manager as a hybrid that combines data mining, automated micro-surveys of customers and employees, as well as artificial intelligence. The analytics are continuous and include automatic reporting from their website. This video specifically imagines remote workforce analytics being performed simultaneously at multiple remote business sites from a corporate information center. The Psymetra analytics engine has enough automation for the digital manager to claim a prominent management role in a large business. The project includes the use employee cell phones with micro-surveys. The Remote Manager provides a second objective opinion on employee stressors, supervisor performance, leadership, team harmony and turnover patterns in daily business life. The vitality of the Psymetra model rests on its automation and its practical convenience in a contemporary business setting.
Workforce Analytics for Health-Care: Part 1       

(12:32  minutes)

This is a video introduction to workforce analytics for the medical administrator. Medical administrators and nursing managers face critical staff shortages as part of an industry-wide and worsening problem of employee turnover. This segment provides a basic walk-through of the analytic concepts that apply to employee turnover. Viewers will learn how to collect and analyze the essential hard data of medical turnover.
Digital Workforce Analytics for Health-Care: Part 2        

(10:32  minutes)

This is Part 2 of the Psymetra Labs video series on digital workforce analytics for health care. High turnover in the health care industry costs a fortune, reduces employee morale and impacts medical service quality. Psymetra Labs introduces a scientific approach to business management. The use of the turnover rate metric, branding effects, and employee readiness are discussed in detail.

This video explores employee tenure and workforce readiness as two measures of workforce stability in the medical corporation, medical facility or department. Medical leaders at the department level are encouraged to initiate monitoring ahead of industry norms. Employee turnover during the first 30 days of employment and the psychology of the new employee are discussed. There is a need for management to develop counter measures that are likely to be effective during the first days of employment if the readiness of the workforce at large is to be protected.
Quick Welcome to Employee Survey Takers        
(1:06  minutes)

Survey respondents receive a brief thank you and an explanation of the survey process. They also receive tips for taking Employee Confidential surveys.

Law Enforcement Workforce Analytics        
(3:46  minutes)

The complex challenges of law enforcement management are examined in terms of modern analytic tools. Law enforcement turnover and employee readiness require special management tools.